The Day.


On August 13th, Shawn and Colleen Lippert tied the knot.  But instead of eloping to Vegas as originally planned.  Shawn decided that his bride deserved more than just a night in Vegas… Operation White Cake was a complete success.  Video coming soon!


51 responses to “The Day.

  1. Dude…..Shawn….from one romantic (moi) to another…that was awesome. I had a day full of surprises for my wife…on our day…but yours….just awesome. Wish you and Colleen all the best. My wife Paulina and I will be celebrating 2 yrs on August 17th….enjoy the adventure ! I have no doubt the both of you will….


    Mike in Hong Kong.

  2. I don’t know either of you but i seen the story in the Windsor Star and i thought it was so beautiful i had to say Congrats

  3. Congratulations Shawn and Colleen! Your story is so beautiful. The video with accompanying music is lovely. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness! Great job Shawn putting it all together.

  4. Colleen, what a keeper…a true fairlytail in the making…may your love for each other shine forever… love Debra McCoy-McMillan

  5. Congrats Shawn! That was incredible, Colleen is one lucky girl. Wishing the two of you a long life of happiness..and surprises!!

  6. Congratulations to both of you! That was very touching…I’m still crying after watching the video! I can’t believe a man would think of something like that…just so romantic & great idea! All the best & have a wonderful life ahead of you… together…forever!

  7. Wow….Congrats to the both of you….Not sure how that could be topped! Colleen you have one special hubby on your hands

  8. Saw news story on Yahoo and decided to check it out. I was so moved, and so impressed. Absolutely awesome!!!!!

    God Bless,

    Ontario, Canada

  9. So Romantic and stress free for the bride.
    I have a tiny advice to Shawn: be careful you can not plan her life eventhough you think you know what she likes. If you love someone set him free…
    All the best to you two.

  10. I had to see this to beieve it. Contratulations to you both!! it is the most beautiful wedding i’ve ever seen and God did you guys made me cry ! This is BEAUTIFUL and may God keep you and may you be happy always !!

  11. Contratulations going out to SHAWN & COLEEN!

    A true romantic!

    Talk about ” NICE DAY FOR WHITE WEDDING “-you did that without a doubt!
    Wishing you both all the happiness in the world, you surely are desserving of it!

    P.J. Victoria
    Sean Ft. McMurray

  12. Congratulations to the both of you…your video just made me cry! How sweet, your groom is one in a million! I wish you well and happy long marriage!

  13. Can you say a good cry… can you clone him. Truley amazing
    congratulations and many many long and happy years together.

  14. I was BLOWN away… unbelievable job! A year of planning WITHOUT your bride!! Dude! You just made 98% of the men out there to look like fools because most of cant even plan an escape out of house, let alone a complete SURPRISE Wedding! You sir, deserve a medal, you already have the best trophy (your wife)
    Congrats on everything!

  15. Congratulations! Shawn and Colleen. Your surprises wedding was beautiful.
    I surprises my husband by asking him to married me on his favorite radio station.
    We been married 4 year now.
    Again Congratulations!Shawn and Colleen!.

  16. Congratulations to you both, Shawn that was an amazing job of wedding planning. You are so thoughtful. Colleen with a husband like Shawn you are in for a lifetime of surprizes. May the two of you have a long and love filled life together. God bless you both. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  17. OMG I am still crying that was the most beautiful romantic story EVER!!! Sean you are fantasic and she is a very lucky lady but I am sure she knows that. Have a wonderful life together……..Congrats to both of you..

    Ajax, Ont

  18. Congrat’s Shawn and Colleen was so moved, and so impressed. Absolutely awesome and Shawn you did a wondeful job, Colleen you have yourself a great hubby.. You made my day. 😀
    Bea 🙂

  19. I just saw the news in the Toronto Star and had to check out your video. Shawn, you are awesome…you should be hired as a major event coordinator! What a romantic (albeit risky) adventure. Congratulations to you both and may every day of your marriage bring awesome and wonderful surprises.

  20. What an AMAZING story!! I saw the two of you on the Early Show and just had to watch your video. Congrats to the both of you, may you have a lifetime full of happiness and more “surprises” for you Colleen! Shawn, the world needs more men like you! Shelby In Missouri 🙂

  21. OMG! This was amazing and very smooth!! I LOVE her wedding dress. Where did she get it??? I need a similar style for my wedding 🙂

      • Just saw this! Thanks!!! I wonder if they ship. I live in GA. Last question I promise. What silhouette/style would you call that? I can’t quite pinpoint how to explain that dress to someone at local shops here to find something similar.

  22. I’d say a pragraph of things already said. You know what you mean to me. And if you don’t, get a clue. Absolutely amazing. No one holds a candle to this. God Is Good. 200x Congrats. (cant believe she was doing the hands & toes of the ladies attending her wedding. Thats what gets me the most honestly =) Remain Blessed.

  23. I loved everything about this. Shawn is deserving of every accolade that could be heaped on a groom, and more, but I was also really impressed and touched by Colleen’s reactions. She’s the one who was surprised, unprepared, and in reaction mode (with a camera pointed her way no less!) and she came across like the kind of woman any man would be inspired to go way out of his way for. I see a life of continued happiness ahead for you both.
    I sent a link to friends telling them that if they felt like laughter with happy tears, your video did it for me . . .

  24. This is the best wedding video ever! Congratulations to you both. I’m a guy and I don’t cry at weddings but this even made me tear up! I wish everyone loved each other like this. You pulled it off Shawn! It was great and Colleen, you looked beautiful!

  25. That is so beautiful!!! I heard you guys on the Bert Show and I couldn’t wait to see Operation White Cake! Congrats!!!

  26. Congratulations to you both! This was beautiful and thank you so much for sharing it. When it seems like the world is full of bad news, it’s nice to hear of something like this. God Bless you both and may you have many, many happy years together.

    • We are going to do our best to archive as much as we can. We have only been married now for about 7 days. And the entire time we have been doing tv interviews, radio and magazines. We literally just got in the door tonight about 2 hours ago. We havent seen any of the coverage. It was too fast and we were in the moment. But as soon as I can catch my breathe… we will document the week for sure.

  27. Congratulations from California! What a wonderful story. At first, when I only saw the headline, I thought “uh oh, that’s kind of controlling and she’ll be mad that she wasn’t able to plan anything…” But then of course watched the whole event and it brought me to tears. Sooo perfect. For Shawn to have asked questions for a year and put it all together…so incredibly thoughtful. And I LOVE moving her whole bedroom.. that was so understanding of how we women think, “I’ve got to have…” something that you might have forgot, so just put the whole bedroom set there! Too funny. One question: What song is it playing in the background? It’s familiar but I’m not sure what it is…so beautiful.

  28. I just heard this on a AM640 – Roy Green replay in Toronto.
    What a truly amazing story!!!
    I thought I was a romantic but you take the “white” cake..
    I wish you both true happiness and success in your life.
    Thank you for renewing my faith in love!!

  29. Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! I love seeing the creativity, the romance but I think it also speaks to the measure of love between the two of you! While a wedding is incredibly special, no doubt – it really isn’t about that one day. It is about communicating with and listening to eachother each day. It seems that you’ve both worked on this skill and the beautiful wedding is just one example of how well you do that! Congratulations. I’m so glad to see great things happening in Essex County!

    Becky, LaSalle, ON

  30. Just like everyone else, the sentiments in this video reduced me to tears.

    Shawn, you’re a remarkable gentleman to have patiently planned this wedding over the course of a year, including all the details that Colleen mentioned she wanted. You are thoughtful and courageous.

    Colleen, I’m sure your easy going nature made this day memorable for everyone who attended as well as all those who watched the video. Your willingness and enthusiasm to blindly follow Shawn’s plans demonstrates a great level of trust and care between you two.

    Gavin, thanks so much for capturing this day for your friend. This insane idea must have been just as fun to film as it was heart-warming for us to watch.

    Thanks. 🙂

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