The Bride Has ZERO Idea Today Is Her Wedding Day!

Here it is, the video from a successful Operation: White Cake.  See how Shawn pulled off such an amazing series of surprises for (his now wife!) Colleen.

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Special thanks to everyone involved and to filmmaker Gavin Michael Booth for capturing the event on video to share with everyone.

Please feel free to email Shawn and Colleen to wish them all the best:


47 responses to “The Bride Has ZERO Idea Today Is Her Wedding Day!

  1. What a wonderful idea. Looks like it was perfect. I just have one question. If the bride had no idea why was her hair done up perfect for a bride on her wedding day?

  2. AMAZING…watching BT this morning as per usual and saw this…how can anyone see this and NOT start their day off with a smile?? Congrats and have an long, awesome life together.

  3. OMG…… I just saw your story on BT so went to your site and watched your video. What a beautiful expression of love!!!!! Congratulations to you both. I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

  4. I was balling my eyes out watching , because I was so happy for Colleen. Shaugn you took the biggest leap of faith and it worked. If I ever wanted a dream wedding this would be it. I wish more men had the confidence to take such risks. You don’t know how much stress you would be taking off your brides shoulder, that is if thats her thing. But I would kill to have a man do this for me.

    Congratulations and i wish you guys a great life.

    Colleen please appreciate this man for all he’s worth, theres not to many like him left in this world .

  5. OMG! You are one lucky woman. What a beautiful day! The love the two of you share is so evident, don’t ever let it burn out. Bless you both for a very long and happy life together.
    The Moroun family

  6. This is so romantic…what a lucky woman to have a man like that remember every little detail she mentioned about her wishes for her wedding! So much love between these two…all the best forever…

  7. That was the craziest, most amazing display of love I’ve ever seen! I’m speechless, teary and impressed beyond reason. Wonderful. Simply wonderful. Congratulations to you two!

    Branka (Raskovic) Gittens

  8. This wonderful news has made it to the headlines of the MSN New Zealand webpage so I tracked down your site and watched your video! Although I don’t know either of you, but I think that was incredible! I just want to say Congratulations to both of you and wish you all the best!

  9. Absolutely fabulous…made me feel hopeful that there are kind, wonderful, thoughtful, considerate, romantic people still in this world who truly value each other. I wish you joy and many, many years of happiness together. Thank you for sharing this and allowing me to start my day with a smile (and a few tears!:))

  10. Wow – What a great story to a great journey. Even from a guys perspective that is an amazing way to start the rest of your lives!! Congrats To Both of you for finding each other!!

  11. Amazing!!!! What a wonderful way to start your life together~ though he’ll never top that! LOL! All the best to you both!

  12. I don’t think I have seen a wedding video that has brought such joy – and emotions…wow TEARS! What a guy ! I wish you the very best in your marriage – filled with incredible blessings.


  13. Congratulations! This is incredible and I wish the two of you a long and happy life together.

    This old married guy is pretty happy he doesn’t have to try and meet the standard established by Shawn. 🙂

  14. Wow..A dream come true…What an awsome man to do something soooo wonderful for his fiancee, now his wife. True Love. I wish both of you congratulations and all the best in the future…I am wondering and curious of what he will come up with when they decide to have children lol

  15. Congratulations! I cried and cried, this was so special and will leave her with a lifetime of memories! Wish you both the very best! I have to say the only thing that was not shown was the wedding cake (another big part of the wedding)!!

  16. Shawn and Colleen,
    Congradulations. This is so amazing Shawn that you love this woman so much that you took all the arrangements onto yourself and all the stress of them away from Colleen. Colleen, you are so lucky to have found a man who loves you so much that he wants to make your dreams come true.
    What a match made in heaven. I cried my eyes out!
    May you have a long and happy marriage.

  17. I cried happy tears throughout this video. So many times, I see wedding preparations and it’s all about the bride screaming “me, me, me” and whining about her flowers being the wrong shade of white. Here we see two people deeply in love and who genuinely *enjoy* each others’ company. I saw the interview on CBS where Colleen mentioned her wedding ring, which Shawn wants to improve upon, and saying “but no, that’s the fun of it – that I want to wear it forever.”

    I wish that all marriages were undertaken with such joy and pleasure; remember this day when you have rough ones, and love each other well and forever. A journey that begins this beautifully is bound to be fascinating, and I celebrate with and for you.


  18. We did this in 2007 my mom had no idea it was my dads idea! It was so fun planing it we had family from all over she was so surprised

  19. This is what love is all about…great start in the relationship…if he did all of this before the wedding, one can only imagine what a great relationship they will have for life…congratulations

  20. I’m reposting this on my blog to share that there are amazing individuals who are willing to give those they love what they want. I did however miss a lot of what was said due to being Deaf (turning up the volume does not always make things clearer). I’d love to see caption option if possible or a transcript so that Deaf/HH individuals aren’t left out. Beautiful and amazing, many blessings to the bride and groom.

  21. I cried as if it was my own wedding. I loved it. You two are so lucky to have found each other. Congrats to both of you and your lifelong adventure of happiness.

  22. I am a event/wedding planner by profession and I have done over 200 weddings, I can see the love that went in to every details. I love your story and I love what you did Shawn! Thank you for making this seasoned veterns heart melt. My favorite quote on marriage : Love is a temporary insanity curable only by marriage. I think you found your cure! Congratulations to you both! Love and happiness always.

  23. Such a cool idea! I’m sure your marriage will be one full of fun surprises 🙂 One question–what song was playing during the video? The lyrics sound familiar…now it is driving me crazy! lol.
    Congrats & best wishes!

  24. Awesome thanks!! I remember now, I heard the Jocelyn Enriquez version back in 1997. This version is much better though–love it 🙂

  25. Oh you guys!!! This is SO F-ING ROMANTIC!!! I heard you on the radio (in New Zealand) this morning, and googled it – you two are the cutest!!! Wish you both a very happy forever 🙂 x x x

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